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Learn about
our story.

We set up tact. at the beginning of 2021 
fuelled by a passion to keep recruitment simple yet effective. 

Since then, with our process-driven and people-focused approach, we’ve continued to grow our team with like-minded individuals who are experts in connecting good people. Businesses love what we do as well, rating us as “world-class” when it comes to delivering. 

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Alongside connecting Tech Leaders and Talent Managers with outstanding candidates fast, we are passionate about giving back to the Tech community through our podcast, Tact Talks and our DevLaunchPad initiative. 

We hire people within Development, Infrastructure, Cloud, Delivery, Data and Testing, basically anyone involved in the SDLC.

With our passionate people and powerful approach, we’re definitely one to watch.

Our Team


Meet our team of tech
recruitment specialists.

tact. is nothing without our amazing people. 
These are the people working daily towards our Vision to create a world where everyone gets their dream job. 
Take a look below to find out why they joined the tact. journey...


Thomas Johnstone


When I first started recruitment, I didn't know too much about the industry. Despite knowing this, I fell in love with the job!

There’s no better feeling than finding someone their dream role, or helping someone progress in their career.

Myself, Harry and Jack Co-Founded Tact to quite literally bring simplicity and ease to the recruitment process.

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Jack Brandwood


I started my career in recruitment in a big corporate organisation. At first I thought it was great but very quickly realised that, three-piece suits and fancy watches weren’t for me, I traded in the suit and tie life for t-shirt and jeans at a start up organisation. This was an exciting move and after working my way up from Consultant to leading a team I decided that I’d like to do this on my own.

I personally Co-Founded Tact because I was so sick and tired of agencies making recruitment complicated. This spurred me on to join forces with two of my best pals to make recruitment simple!

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Harry Ridgard


I started in recruitment over 7 years ago as an apprentice; I worked my way up from making brus and entering data into the system to becoming one of the top billers in my previous company.

When we decided to take the leap and set up our own agency, we were adamant we wanted to take away from all the complexity surrounding recruitment and make it as simple as possible!

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We're on a mission to connect the tech
community and simplify recruitment by
creating lasting relationships and
understanding exactly what you need.


Learn about the
causes we support.

When choosing our charity partners it was the toughest and also the easiest decision we ever made. 


Both of our chosen charity partners are important to us for one reason or another.


Manchester Dogs Home, originally Manchester & District Home for Lost Dogs, was founded in 1983 when there was an unsettling number of stray dogs roaming the streets of Manchester. Now caring for over 7,000 dogs every year, the charities aims to care for and rehome Manchester’s unloved and unwanted dogs. We have worked together to implement a plan to donate a portion of every fee we charge to sponsor a kennel and help support their mission!

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Manchester Mind are here to support better mental health for everyone in Manchester.


Operating for over 30 years, they believe that everyone deserves to be supported in their mental health needs and that we have a part to play in that. We are proud to support their purpose to create a space where mental health comes first.

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