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Q: How do you access candidates' qualifications and skills?

A: We use a combination of CV screening and interviews to assess every candidate's skills and qualifications based on what the role requires. If we don't have anything that's suitable there and then (very unlikely) then we'll take some time to ask the individual a few questions for next time. 

Q: How long does the hiring process typically take?

A: On average, we can fill a role in 6 days. This is much faster than the average of 42 days. 70% of job seekers lose interest in a job if they don’t hear back within a week from their interview. This is why a fast fill rate is extremely important when it comes to the hiring process.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Our prices differ depending on a few factors. We understand that recruitment isn't a one size fits all sort of thing so we make sure that we're not too rigid when it comes to pricing. If you'd like to figure out what we'd charge to grow your business get in touch!

Q: Is your service only for experienced tech professionals, or do you help entry-level candidates too?

A: We hire people at every level. Whether it's your first job in the industry or you're looking for something on the C-Suite, we can help. We actually don't charge businesses a fee to place people in their first technical role - this is part of our DevLaunchPad initiative.

Q: What disciplines do you hire for?

A: We hire across the entire Software Development Life Cycle. If you're involved in or looking to hire within any step of this process then we can absolutely help in finding you your dream job or team.

Q: Where do you hire geographically?

A: We hire across the entire UK and most of America. If you're unsure just pop us a message!

Q: I'm at work most of the day so I struggle to find time to speak.

A: Don't worry - we understand how difficult it can be to look for a new job while being employed full-time. We can be available outside of work hours if needed as we know that we need to be flexible when helping you with that next move.

Still got a question that we haven't answered? Just send us a message on our contact page!

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