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Permanent Work vs Contracting

Decisions, decisions! 🤔 When it comes to building a career in the IT industry, there are two pathways to go down - permanent work or contracting work? This decision is always purely down to personal preference, but if you are struggling to decide, here is a quick breakdown…

Permanent Work: Stability and Growth 📈 Are you seeking a sense of security and long-term stability in your professional life? Permanent work might be the perfect fit for you. With a permanent position, you become an integral part of a company's vision, culture, and future. You'll enjoy benefits such as a steady payslip, employee perks, and the opportunity to develop deep expertise in a specific domain. Dive into complex projects, form lasting relationships with colleagues, and watch your skills soar over time. It's a path that rewards dedication and offers the potential for growth within a structured career trajectory 🚀 Contracting: Flexibility and Variety 🌐 If you're an IT professional who craves freedom, flexibility, and the thrill of taking on new challenges regularly, contracting work may be your calling. As a contractor, you have the liberty to choose projects that align with your interests, expertise, and desired work-life balance. Embrace diverse assignments that span industries, technologies, and teams. Contracting allows you to broaden your horizons, expand your network, and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Plus, the potential for higher earnings and the ability to shape your own career path are enticing perks.

Ultimately, the decision between permanent work and contracting depends on your unique aspirations, priorities, and personality. Both paths offer valuable opportunities for growth and success within the IT industry, so it's essential to reflect on your professional goals, desired work environment, financial considerations, and the level of independence you crave.

At Tact, we hire both permanent and contract roles within Development, Infrastructure, Cloud, Delivery and Testing…basically, anyone involved in the SDLC. We guarantee simplicity, transparency and efficacy partnered with a true passion for tech to help you land your dream role! 🚀☁️

If you are having second thoughts about your job, or you are simply curious to know what other opportunities are out there, drop us a message or email to see how we can help, or visit the website below to browse through the live jobs that we are currently recruiting for 👀


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